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Tiketapasaja.com is a professional service that is both online booking and ticket sales for various events and future music will be sold Reservations Tickets, seminar tickets, travel tickets, hotel vouchers. Tiketapasaja for the first time Pre launching in December 2012 by several young professionals who are experienced in the field of internet media, event organizers, and advertising. Tiketapasaja.com officially launched for the first time in early January 2013 that will serve any ticket sales are online who has an office located in the center of Yogyakarta and through the website. The purpose is to facilitate buyers Tiketapasaja without having to come sunbathe - panasan or rain and not be afraid to queue to buy a ticket, the ease of buying tiketapasaja you stay logged on to become a member and transfer the number of tickets must be paid.
Tiketapasaja.com not just a ticket box, but also Ticket Management, which helps promoter / event organizer in terms of the management, provisioning, and security ticket. Be crucial to securing tickets for seediness promoter counterfeit tickets in a variety of events. Tiketapasaja will also serve to reduce the occurrence of fraud and leakage of ticket sales that have often occurred in organizing the event (leakage and falsification usually is the designation for the difference between the reports of tickets sold with the financial statements received or the number of spectators who enter the venue by naked eye).
Tiketapasaja.com will strive as "Online Ticket Sales Center Anything" which also can provide more value for promoters and buyers. Interest tiketapasaja.com remained unchanged from the beginning, which is how so someone can buy an event ticket easily and safely.

Advantages Cooperation Ticket Box


Cooperation especially music concert events, seminars and exhibitions in the form of ticketing management system that is both online and offline ticket box.


For the safety of our clients will ensure the safety tiketapasaja ticket to avoid the circulation of counterfeit tickets and ticket leakage .


Advantages extra "promotion" to eventnya in Media Online, Twitter, facebook, email blasts and web 1900 .

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Extend the reach of your event ticket sales without limitation of time and place. .

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